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How To: Make Firefox tabs colorful

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colorful tabs in mozilla firefox

colorful tabs in mozilla firefox
You must have enjoyed one thing while using Internet Explorer (IE) which is the colorful tabs of IE. Colorful tabs can be very useful for two reasons : firstly they are very eye soothing and secondly they help in navigation between tabs. According to me, our minds keep a track of the tabs and its associated color. So, this helps in (more…)

Get most out of Firefox tabs with New Tab Plus addon

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New Tab Plus Plugin for firefox


New Tab Plus, I guess its the best plugin to get most out of Firefox tabs. You’ll find many new things and cool new features with New Tab Plus. I’ll try to list some of it’s features.

They are as follows:

  1. Makes browsing much faster and easier
  2. Add new bookmarks, popular sites, get history and downloads in just one tab
  3. Add a customized background with (more…)