Check How Many Visitor Are Online On Your Website Directly From Browser

Do you have a website or a blog of your own? If yes that’s great else I’ll suggest you should register one free blog (maybe at Having a blog is really a nice thing because this is the place where you can share your own thoughts, what you know and what you want to talk about with the world. I’m a tech-type guy so I do have few blogs like this one only.

If you are having your own special blog then you must be very intrested in the insights of your blog like how many people are visiting your blog, from which countries your visitors are coming or which articles they are sharing on social networks like Facebook. If you have a wordpress blog then you want to check out our plugin “Social Statistics” which give social information about each of your article. Link To Social Statistics. Almost of the insights are provided by Google Analytics but one of the main feature that Google Analytics doesn’t provide is “Details of your visitors that are presently online on your website/blog”. provides a simple, free, neat and clean widget with different designs, for our blog. The widget shows the present online users on the website and if you want to get the countries from which they belong, just click on it. In today’s time there are millions of blogs/websites which have their widget installed, my site also contains this widget.

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SiteKey for plugin

Whenever you get the code for widget then there will be a unique sitekey generated. You’ll have to note it down because you’ll be needing it after the plugin installation. The site key length for free and pro versions are different in size.

To find out your SiteKey just check your code of the widget. The code will be like and site key will be there:
site key for whos amung us plugin for firefox and chrome plugin for Mozilla Firefox

There plugin for Mozilla Firefox can be seen into action in the Add-on Bar whos appearence can be toggled by shortcode “Control + /”. You need to restart the browser for activating the plugin. To see online visitors of your blog first you gotta add the site key in the plugin options section. A maximum number of 5 websites can be added to this plugin each having a different title. So save the site key and keep check your site’s visitors right from your & mine favourite Mozilla Firefox. A screenshot of the options of the plugin (the key mentioned is not the actual one :) ) :
options of whos amung us plugin in firefox

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So you are a Google Chrome lover not Mozilla Firefox? Nevertheless the same plugin with same features is available for Google Chrome also. Chrome has one more feature that almost all of the extension doesn’t require browser restart, they are just added and used without taking trouble in closing all of your work, then restarting.

To get the plugin in working state you gotta add your site in options, just like firefox. Right click on the plugin icon and copy paste the sitekey, give some title to it. Then save the option and you are good to go. If you’ve added more than one website then you gotta click on the plugin icon to get all of your website’s online user. The primary one is displayed in icon itself. A screenshot of options for Chrome (the key mentioned is not the actual one :) ) :
options of whos amung us plugin in chrome

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