Check who has rejected your friend request on Facebook

Facebook is the best social networking site today used by billions of users. We stay connected to our social life from home also through the web. With time many people gets added with our life and we can see them on Facebook also. We send friend requests to other people whom we know and also gets rejected sometimes (if you know what I’m saying).

So to check who has rejected our friend request or who has not accepted our friend request till now (means the friend request is in pending state) just add a plugin to your Mozilla Firefox. You may also want to check plugins related to Facebook.

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There’s is one thing that I think would be very important for you.

Unfriend Finder is no longer available

The social network asked the removal of the extension because it violates its terms.
Specifically, Unfriend Finder injects unauthorized code into the social networks’s source code in order to alter the way that the webpages are rendered in users browsers
It adds unauthorized links to users’ bookmark sections;
And posts unauthorized notifications regarding which users have “unfriended” the user or “ignored” his or her friend requests.

I cannot enforce this and will cease the developement of this Extension.
Unfriend Finder has been around for 3 years, and many of you enjoyed this, but it cannot go further.

Thank you for your support.


You’ll find the URL to the plugin page in the Useful Link section.

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After installation you’ll see a new side menu on the homepage and a new top menu @

How to check who has rejected your friend request

  1. Install the Unfriend Finder plugin in your Mozilla Firefox browser
  2. Open with your credentials (you may also your friends credentials to check his/her unfriends/rejected status ;) )
  3. You’ll find a new menu “unfriends” in the top bar and also in the left side menu of your newsfeed homepage
    unfriend finder top menu in firefoxunfriend finder plugin for firefox
  4. Get into the menu, you’ll find the unfriends listed in the page
  5. Want to check your pending requests? You’ll find in the submenu under unfriend menu in left side
    pending request in unfriend finder plugin

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Changing settings/notifications of the Unfriend plugin is damn simple. Just go to the settings page and select your settings accordingly. A screenshot is also provided of the settings available.

settings for unfriend finder plugin in mozilla firefox

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Useful Links

Screen Clipping of the plugins page
screen clipping for unfriend finder

How do you like the plugin? Do let me know your feed back via comments.

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