Check Your Spelling, Grammar & Punctuation With Synonyms & Dictionary By Grammarly Plugin

Hello guys! How are you doing? These last few days were a bit busy for me, so I was not able to update you with new and cool plugins. Today I promised myself that I’ll be telling you about a new plugin each day. So now I’ll be telling about one of the coolest plugins which helps in checking your spelling, grammar and punctuations while writing any content on the web. We all use Facebook every day for chatting of posting updates, we write emails for both personal and professional use. Grammarly Lite is a free plugin which helps you to write without mistakes on Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, Tumblr, and anywhere else on the web.

Grammarly comes with many features like:

  1. Contextual Spell Checker:    Which helps in correcting the misspelled words and also corrects the misused dictionary words like loose-lose or their-there or affect-effect or many others.
  2. Grammar Check:    Grammar check does all the grammar checking part like correction of prepositions or wrong capitalization and much more
  3. Punctuation Checker:     It ensure that the correct usage of commas, apostrophes, colons, dashes and ending punctuations.
  4. Synonyms Suggestion:    Synonyms suggestion is a cool feature of Grammarly. Just select the word and the synonym will be in front of you.
  5. Dictionary & Thesaurus:    This feature provides the meaning(s) of the selected word, searched from the built-in dictionary, in just a single click.

Installation of Grammarly Plugin for Mozilla Firefox:

The installation procedure of the plugin is same as other plugins. You need to visit the plugin page at Mozilla and install it by clicking the add to Firefox button. If you want you may check our tutorial which explains how to install plugins and add-ons in Mozilla Firefox. You’ll get the URL in the useful links section.

How To: Use Grammarly Plugin

  1. Spelling & Grammar & Punctuation Checking: You don’t have to do anything regarding this. Whenever you’ll type in a text area on the web, Grammarly automatically finds the spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes and underlines with a red colored line.
    To correct the underlined word, move you mouse over the word, hold it for a few seconds and the correct suggestion will come up. Just select the relevant word and it’ll be replaced automatically. For example I typed the word “don’t” as “dont” and it shows up this.
  2. Synonyms Suggestion: If you are writing some text, maybe in an email or elsewhere and you want to see synonyms for a particular word because you don’t like to use that word. Then you can get the synonyms for that word by just selecting the word which you’ve just written and hovering the mouse for few second on it.
    If synonyms are found then it’ll show something like this.
    Else if you are unlucky and Grammarly doesn’t find any synonyms then it’ll show this.
  3. Dictionary & Thesaurus:  To look up any word meaning, just open any webpage, highlight any word by selecting and keep your mouse over the word for few seconds. Grammarly will show you the meaning(s) of the selection. For example the meanings of “get” which Grammarly show is .

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