Creating a lending CPA site with WP loaner plugin

Today, thanks to abundance of partnership lending programs, financial topic is one of the most promising niches for creating a profitable credit site in the CPA format. The goal of any such resource is to provide visitors with the opportunity to apply for a loan from a bank or a short-term loan in a microfinance company in online mode. The benefits are oblivious.


Site’s target visitors choosing lending organization under the terms of the loan, go through the affiliate link of the webmaster to the official bank or MFIs site and submit application for cash. If the application is approved, the webmaster receives his commission according to the terms of the partner program.

It seems that everything is simple, but in practice, in most of the times the question arises: how to present lender information to the visitors, so they will be able to compare lending conditions, pass through an affiliate link and made their applications. Here the help comes from WP Loaner plugin, specially created to solve these problems. Thanks to its functionality it is greatly simplifies the webmaster work in setting up a lender site to achieve goals, described above.

The plugin, with all its functionality and the availability of all kind of customization options for information output is intuitive and easy to learn by the webmaster of any level of preparation.

What “WP Loaner” plugin can do?

The abundance of settings and ready-to-use templates allows this CMS WordPress extension to easily adapt the displayed lender information to any site template, including adaptive.

Settings allow you to manage:

  • Tables’ borders color
  • Buttons’ color
  • Tables’ background and additional description fields color
  • Fonts’ size and color
  • Currency output format
  • Background’s and font’s colors of pagination buttons

Main features of the plugin:

  • Tabular and structured information output on loan terms – lender organization logo, maximum and minimum loan amount, borrower’s age, interest rate, etc.
  • Linking an affiliate link to an appliance-sending button. Button’s text is setting personally by webmaster.
  • Closing the affiliate link from indexing with “noindex” and “nofollow” tags with the 301 direct setting.
  • Creation of an improvised lender rating.
  • A filter that sorts loan offers by the amount and the terms (does not work with all templates).
  • Allocating priority loan proposals with the frame color and the “recommended bank” marker if needed.
  • Additional description field activation to enter information about the loan offer of a bank or MFI.
  • Controlling the number of lender offers output on the page using customizable pagination.

If you have a task to create a lender CPA site, but have no time, no money and no desire for self-development of the described functionality, then the WP Loaner plugin is your solution!

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