Destroy Facebook, Google, etc With This Awesome Game Plugin

For most people it’s kind of new to listen that there are now game plugins for web browsers. Related to entertainment I already told you about these two cool plugins :

  1. Create your own music with Plink App
  2. Shifty: A Cool feature that enable you to edit or move elements on any Web Page

Today I’ll be telling you a real game plugin which you can play with any web page in both Firefox and Chrome. The name of the plugin is Destroy The Web. As the name suggests, the main motive of the game is to Destroy the web page. So whenever you get bored of any website (like I get bored of facebook after every 10 mins), you can activate the game mode on the page by clicking on the plugin icon and start shooting all of the elements on the page. Try to score as much as possible as there is a leadership board which will star you when you hit the maximum score. Be it Google or Facebook or Yahoo or some other website, you can destroy it whenever you want to.

destroy the web plugin game startup image

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Installation of Destroy The Web

The installation procedure for the plugin is same as other plugins. You’ll find useful links in the relevant section below. You might want to check out the guide to install plugins in Firefox or guide to install extensions plugins in Google Chrome.

How To Play Destroy The Web Game

  1. After installation of the plugin you’ll find the plugin icon destroy the web plugin logo image on the left or right side of the browser
  2. Just click on the icon and the plugin will prepare the page as playground for the game
  3. After the plugin is ready it will show the countdown to start the game
  4. Then start shooting the elements on the web page as fast as you can and try to shoot in combo to score more
  5. After 30 seconds, you can submit the score to the leadership board with or without registration

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Useful Links

  1. Destroy the web plugin page for Firefox
  2. Destroy the web plugin page for Chrome
  3. More such game plugins
  4. Awesome Firefox plugins or Chrome plugins

If you liked this plugin or know more such plugins do lemme know via comments. Don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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