Get Any Website Ranking Details And More By Using WebRank Toolbar 4.4

Hello Guys! Hope you are doing great. After telling you about the most convenient, download helper plugin for downloading YouTube and other online video directories, today I’ll tell you about any website’s ranking and other statistics. We all know that there are hell lot of websites exists in this world. Everyone who doesn’t know how to eat and drink has also opened a website. Just kidding. But still there are many websites and the search engines like Google, Yahoo, and others strive a lot to deliver its users the most convenient results. I’m telling you about some of the basics terms related to SEO.

Website Rank : There’s this website called Alexa (and others also) which based on many conditions and algorithms provides every website a unique ranking number.

webrank toolbar

Page Rank : Google also provide a number or I’ll say a score out of 10 to each and every website based on the visitor , backlinks , and many other such conditions. A new website usually has a score of 0/10 or NA score. As the number of backlink increases, visitors increases, indexing also gets faster, etc then the page rank also increases. At present Google has got a page rank of 9/10, Facebook also same and Twitter has got 10/10 page rank.

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Backlinks : Backlinks are the hyperlinks (links that you click opens new pages) present on a website which will redirect to some other website or webpage. To understand this let us suppose that I’ve created a plugin named “PluginsTalk Hello Bar” by which you got a top bar for displaying news to your visitors in your website. You liked this plugin very much and then you decided to write about the working and other details about it. So you’ll be telling your visitor where you can find the settings of the plugin and other details by inserting a link within you article. These links which you’ve written which helps your users to navigate between websites/webpages are known as backlinks.

You can get all of such information like website rank by Alexa, Compete and Quantcast, page rank, number of backlinks by google, bing and Alexa, get a similar website, get the who is information, and much more by installing WebRank Toolbar plugin in Firefox.

Installation of WebRank plugin

The installation procedure is similar to other plugins in Mozilla Firefox, what you basically need is the add-on page URL which you’ll find in the useful links section below. If you are a newbie then you can go through our tutorial regarding same.

Working and Settings of WebRank plugin

  1. After installation you might need to restart Firefox.
  2. After restart what you’ll see is a new bar has been added beneath the address+search bar.
  3. Now whenever you open any new webpage/website this bar will show all information related to it.
    1. First you’ll find the page rank. For ex:
    2. Second you’ll find the Alexa website rank. For ex:
    3. Then the compete website rank. For ex:
    4. Then the Quantcast website rank. For ex:
    5. Then pages indexed in Google. For ex:
    6. Then pages indexed in Bing. For ex:
    7. Then backlinks provided by Google. For ex:
    8. Then backlinks provided by Bing. For ex:
    9. Then backlinks provided by Alexa. For ex:
  4. Clicking on any button will take you to the relevant website which has full details.
  5. There’s a settings button by which you can handle what you’ve to see in the toolbar.

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