Get Insights About The Websites That You Visit By SimilarWeb Plugin

Similar Web is a Mozilla recommended add-on which provides insights about the websites along with similar sites. There are lots of plugins available today that will help you provide detailed analysis of websites, provides you with website’s ranks across the globle and also country wise. One such plugin which I’ve already talked about is WebRank Toolbar for Mozilla Firefox andWebRank extension for Google Chrome.

I’ve already told you about some of the basic SEO terms like Website Rank, Page Rank, Backlinks, etc in this article.
SimilarWeb has lots of features to talk about. You can checkout the screenshot of the plugin taken for

Let me tell you some of its features in brief so that you’ll get idea of them.

Website Ranking

They have there own alogrithms designed to provide the best possible results. You can get any website’s Global rank or Country rank or get to know how successful is the website in its category that you are visiting.

For example: As statistics say on 1st April, 2013 has Global Rank:1 ,Country Rank: 1, Category Rank:1 has Global Rank: 2, Country Rank: 2, Category Rank: 1

The category for Facebook is “Social Networking” in which it ranks number 1 and similarly Google’s category is “Search Engine” in which it stood first.


Traffic Sources

In this area of plugin you can find from where the traffic is coming to the website? You can get the information of all traffic sources that the website has.Traffic sources includes the sources that make people visit the website. Like clicking on links in emails will say email as a traffic source or searching in search engine will tell you search is the main source. So you can get the traffic sources right from the plugin. Different sources included in plugin are: Direct, Links, Search, Social, Mail, Display

To get “Full Analysis” click on the button and it will show you full details about the website on

Similar Sites

This is also a cool feature provided to you by this plugin. It show you similar website links all with the other details means the top websites in every site category is presented to you.

Let me explain how it can be useful. Suppose you’ve a question about a car, like “When is this car model number xyz will be available in your country?“. What you can do is find a relevant blog or forum related to this question and just open the plugin which will show you the most relevant similar website where you can put up your question. This increases of your question getting answered faster.

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