Get most out of Firefox tabs with New Tab Plus addon

New Tab Plus Plugin for firefox


New Tab Plus, I guess its the best plugin to get most out of Firefox tabs. You’ll find many new things and cool new features with New Tab Plus. I’ll try to list some of it’s features.

They are as follows:

  1. Makes browsing much faster and easier
  2. Add new bookmarks, popular sites, get history and downloads in just one tab
  3. Add a customized background with cloud wallpaper library
  4. Online free backup and real-time synchronization
  5. Contains many gadgets, like weather forecast, IP address finder, calender, etc
  6. Lots of option in settings to easily customize New Tab Plus acc. to your needs
  7. Has many new websites links, available in different categories

How to install New Tab Plus plugin in Firefox:

How to use New Tab Plus plugin:

  1. To set transparency, width, height, radius, space, etc of the tabs

    • Open new tab
      New Tab Firefox
    • Click on settings icon
      setttings for new tab plus in firefox
    • Click on more setting which is right arrow button
      more option in new tab plus plugin in firefox
    • Change settings and close it
      transparency settings in new tab plus plugin for firefox


  2. Sign in using Google account

    • Click on settings
      setting icon in new tab plus
    • Click on Google icon to sign in
      google icon
    • Login into you Google account
      gmail login
    • Allow access to New Tab Plus app from Google account
      allow access in google
    • (Optional) If you want to manually upload data then click on upload data
      upload data to cloud in new tab plus


  3. Set Background wallpaper from the cloud

    • Click on the cloud icon
      cloud icon in new tab plus
    • Select your category
      settings in new tab plus cloud
    • Select your wallpaper
      wallpaper from new tab plus cloud
    • To adjust background layout use Bg Layout
      background layout in new tab plus
    • To set color as background use Bg Color
      background color in new tab plus

Useful links : New Tab Plus for Firefox

Screen Clipping of New Tab Plus:
screen clipping in new tab plus plugin for firefox

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