Google Mail Checker

Google Mail Checker is one of the most popular Plug-in available for Google Chrome. It is one of the plugin that make  life easier for the Gmail user. With the help of the Google Mail Checker, you don’t have to open a new window or tab to check your Mails. This plugin display the number of unread messages in the toolbar.

Once you add this plugin into your Google Chrome browser one extra button will be displayed in the  toolbar. You can even directly open your Gmail account on click of this button. The only thing that you have to remember is that you need to login once, so that it can connect to your account and can display the number of unread messages, after then whenever a new mail arrive it will be automatically be updated and we will be able to see the new message arrived without opening the Gmail window or tab. When you click on this button then it will open the Gmail Tab/window if you have already open one or it will open a new one for it.


  • Now one new button is displayed at the right hand corner in the toolbox, displaying the number of unread messages if you are already logged in, if not then you have to login once

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