How To: Browse Your Gmail Offline Within Google Chrome

gmail offline extension for google chrome

Previously I told you about how to install extensions and apps in Google chrome and change your Facebook color scheme in Google chrome. Today I’ll be telling you about one important extension of Google chrome which helps in keeping our emails backup for offline browsing.

A little bit about Gmail:

Gmail is the most widely used email service which offers many features to its users and all this is without any costs. Gmail provides a high security feature by introducing the two-step verification for its users. Google allows a single person to have more than one gmail accounts (unlike Facebook). Everyone has a different emails for different purposes or if anyone uses a single email for all websites sign ups and for other purposes, his/her gmail will be having a flooded inbox and spam box. Any person who has a gmail account will be knowing about it, I’ll not be telling more about gmail.

Gmail Offline for Google Chrome:

Gmail offline provides users to browser email when you are not connected to internet in a clean and simple way, so there is no need of logging in to the every time you need to check mail. The main basic work which is done by the gmail offline is downloading email from Google servers and keeping a copy of them for offline browsing.

To use gmail offline you’ll need to activate the offline service within from the gmail or from the plugin itself.

You can also use gmail offline for other tasks other than browsing your emails, like composing new emails, deleting emails, replying, forwarding, etc. Obviously you don’t need to login into gmail every time to do an email related work then.

Installation of Gmail offline in Google chrome

The useful link to the gmail offline plugin is given at the end of the article. You may also want to see our guide to install extension and apps in Google chrome.

Setting up Gmail offline for use

To setup gmail offline for use, firstly you’ll need to sign in to with your credentials. Then you’ll have to grant access to gmail offline for storing your email offline. After allowing access you’ll be automatically redirected to the main app where you’ll be able to see your emails fetched already.


  1. Sign into gmail
  2. Allow access to gmail offline
    allow offline mail in gmail offline for google chrome
  3. Done

Note:- If you want to change the approval see this article

Changing default mail from past settings

The default setting for the gmail offline is to download a backup of emails which are received within past week. To change this settings you’ll need to click on the settings icon settings icon for gmail offline for gmail offline and then select download mail from past to your appropriate option. After every setting hit apply.

download mail from past in gmail offline

Using vacation responder

You can also you gmail offline to send a vacation responder, if you are on a vacation. To setup vacation responder, click on the settings icon of the gmail offline and then enable the vacation responder. If you want you can change the beginning date of your vacation which is by default set to current date. Then enter the subject and the message which will be replied to the email sender when you are on vacations. You can optionally enter the end date of your vacations. I recommend you to select only send a response to people in my contacts so that it wont overflow your sent box and neither it’ll respond to the auto generated email for your subscription.

vacation responder in gmail offline

Setting up multiple gmail accounts for offline browsing

You can also setup multiple gmail accounts for offline browsing. To do this just select the account which you are viewing at present and then select sign into another account…
multiple gmail accounts in gmail offline

 Signing out from Gmail offline

To sign out from all your accounts, select the sign out of all accounts.

For any help regarding the extension leave a comment or contact the extension help.

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