How To: Copy URLs of All Tabs or Selected Text or Selected Images

Many times you would have faced the problem of storing a Firefox session so that you can reopen it whenever you want or you want to copy all the links in selected text. Yes there are many plugins available for Mozilla Firefox session management by which you can store the session or reopen the stored session. But a normal user like us will find much more easy to copy all the links of all tabs and store them in a text file for future reading. So this plugin does what it says i.e.  it copies all the URLs of all tabs either from the same window or from all of the windows, which totally depends on you. It also copies all links from the selected text and all images locations within the selection. So let’s see how it is installed (which will be same by the way) and how it work.

Installation of Copy Urls Expert

  1. The installation is easy and similar to all other plugins
  2. The link to the plugin page is given in the useful link section below
  3. If you are new to installation of plugins and addons in Mozilla Firefox then you might want to check out our guide

How To: Use Copy URLs Expert

  1. After installation a restart will be required to activate and use the plugin
  2. So now you’ll find a new cascaded context menu of copy Urls Expert
    context menu for copy urls expert
  3. Didn’t find the menu?? I’ll tell you where.
    1. Select any text and then right click on it. You’ll find it with two items:
      text and images menu option in copy urls expert plugin

      1. Urls in selection: As it says, clicking on this will copy all Urls in selection text to clipboard
      2. Images in selection: It will copy all images source Urls in selection
    2. Right click on any tab in Firefox, most probably the second menu is of “Copy Urls Expert”. It says:
      tab menu item for copy urls expert plugin

      1. Tabs in this window: Clicking on this will copy all Urls of all tabs in the current window to clipboard
      2. Tabs in all windows: It copies all tabs Urls from all window to the clipboard
      3. Active tab: Selecting this will copy the current tab URL to clipboard
      4. Open Urls from Clipboard: This is interesting thing. Whenever you want to open any link or you want to restore the session which was saved by copying the Urls, Just copy all the Urls you want to open from notepad (text editor) to the clipboard and click this menu. It will pick up all the Urls and open them in Mozilla Firefox for you, be it any image source that you’ve copied or the links.

Useful Links

  1. Copy Urls Expert addon page of Firefox
  2. How To: install addons/plugins in Mozilla Firefox
  3. Other such Mozilla Firefox plugins

Screen Clipping of the plugin

screen clipping of copy urls expert plugin for firefox

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