How To: Get Firefox Download Statistics in Same Window

Firefox is one of the best browser used world wide. But whenever you hit a download link and save file, what happens? Your downloading starts and it is shown in a download window which is obviously other than what you are browsing. Your mind get distracted and sometimes you’ll start wasting your precious time by seeing the downloading bar which shows the file download status (along with speed ;) ). Feeling distracted with the download window you click on the main window for continuing browsing which turns off the mood many times, at-least in my case it does.

To get rid of the pop up download window one can Goto tools > options > (deselect) Show the download window when downloading a file or (select) close the download window when all downloads are finished.

download settings in firefox

In selecting/deselecting of any of the options there is problem that is associated.

1. When show the download window option is not selected
After clicking on the save file button, you wouldn’t be notified about your file download statics. You are not even aware that the downloading has started or not? If started then how much is left? What is the downloading speed? And what is the time remaining so that you can start next download.

2. When you select the close download window after all downloads are finished
As the option itself says that it will close the download window after finishing all download. This means that you’ll surely get a pop up download window which will show you about the present downloading status. What if there are many downloads presently active and the time remaining to complete all is about an hour or more? What you’ll do to get the status while browsing is alternatively switching the download window and the browser window.

Both of the options doesn’t leads to a good and smoothing web browsing.

download status bar for firefox

Download Status  plugin for Firefox (ver o.9.10 is 1.5MB)

status bar in firefox logo
Here comes into picture Download Status plugin for Firefox which solves the big problem (for someone at-least) of popup download window in Firefox.

Installation of Download Status for Firefox

You’ll find link to the plugin at bottom of the post. You may also want to see our guide about installing plugins and add-ons in Mozilla Firefox. A restart will be required for the integration and working of the plugin


Using Download Status plugin for Firefox

  1. If your requirements are very simple, like getting rid of the download window and getting the statistics within the present browser window. Just install the plugin and enjoy it.
  2. You can also add more details to the statistics by getting to the options of the download status plugin.
  3. General tab in options provide you with most of the features and notifications settings which you can modify according to your needs.
    • Settings like progress percentage, downloaded file size, remembering history, playing a sound when download completes, background downloading when the browser is closed are handled from general options.
  4. If you like the plugin and want to change the appearance of the plugin from default style to custom style, appearance tab is for you only.
  5. The third tab which I personally recommend to setup is the virus scanning tab. Whenever any dialog is finished a virus scanning should be done, either manually or automatically. This tab gives you the feature of scanning the files after completed downloading with your installed system Anti-Virus program.
    • To setup just select the location of the quick scan / file scan executable file of your Antivirus (which is normally present in the Antivirus installation directory ;) ). I personally use Avast Internet Security ver7 at present and I’ve given the path of AvastQuick for the scanning purposes.
  6. After all settings are selected/updated hit apply > OK to save changes.

Useful links

Screen Clipping of the plugin
screen clipping for download status bar in firefox

Is there any other download plugins which you use and has more features than this? Do let me know via comments.

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