How To: install extensions and apps in Google Chrome

Google Chrome
is a web-browser by Google. Chrome is best know for its speed of loading pages and websites. Adding an extension or an app is a very simple task in Chrome also (I already told you about How to install add-ons and plugins in Mozilla Firefox).
google chromw - a faster way to browse the web

Steps to install extension/apps in Google Chrome:

  1. Open Google Chrome (obviously, if you know how install ext. without running chrome please tell me)
  2. Now if you have the extension/app URL then you can open it directly or if not then you can search extensions/apps from or from Google Webstore
  3. Found any good extension/app? Great, now move you mouse over to the extension image icon you’ll find “Add To Chrome” button
    add to chrome button
  4. Just hit “Add To Chrome” button
  5. A confirmation box will be presented to you, if you are now also sure to add this plugin, confirm it
    confirm new extension in google chrome
  6. The next page you’ll find is where app is installed and the button will now be “Added To Chrome”
    added to chrome button
  7. Enjoy !!
    dancing people clipart

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