How To: Reset Firefox and remove all add-ons/plugins

In my previous post I’ve told you how to install plugins and add-ons in Firefox but after few months of using Firefox, you would find yourself struck with lots of plugins & add-on which are installed due to their benefits. But together they will make a mess of your Firefox. You’ll get irritated of these Add-ons as they will affect the speed of browsing, showing popup, etc.
A normal person who can use other browser easily like Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, and others will shift to them instead of Firefox. But a true Firefox lover like me will find ways to reset his/her Firefox. If they didn’t find any way, re-install will be best option.

It is possible to reset Firefox to its default state without loosing any saved passwords, browsing history & bookmarks, saved form history & cookies.

Steps to reset Firefox :

  1. Goto “Troubleshooting information” from “help” menu
    help menu trouble shooting reset firefox menu
  2. (Optional) Copy all the troubleshooting information by clicking on “Copy all to clipboard” button and save the information
    copy all to clipboard button in resetting firefox
  3. Press “Reset Firefox” button
    reset firefox to its default state
  4. Confirm the reset Firefox dialog box
    confirm reset firefox to default state
  5. Wait for the Firefox to restart
    import wizard in resetting firefox to default stateresetting firefox loader

After resetting the Firefox you’ll get a relief and now you can install your important plugins again from saved data or by searching them.
You’ll find the data of Old Firefox in the backed up folder created on desktop named “Old Firefox Data” or “Old Firefox Data-x” from there you can restore it whenever you want.

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