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Tired of waiting for the “Skip Ad” button, which pops up after 5 seconds waiting in all links? This plugin will give you a little bit relief then.

First of all do you know what is How does it work? Why we get links instead of the main URL? logo image only text
One might say that he/she uses as a URL Shortner. This is true but the benifit of is more than this for the person who has given link. pays the link owner for every hit it got as shows 3rd party ads forcefully for 5 seconds to every visitor. The payment is based on per thousand clicks. pays more than $4 per 1000 visitors. More details can be found here.

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So what we want is to skip those irritating links. Well I’ll say its not possible at present but what we can do is get an auto click on “Skip Ad” button by using Skipper plugin. Firstly install the Skipper Plugin in your Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome and then we’ll see how the plugin works.

How to install Skipper plugin :

Read this article on how to install plugins in Mozilla Firefox.
The link to the plugin page is given below.

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How to get everything working?

After the installation of the plugin, on your side you’ve to do nothing actually. What all you’ve to do is open any links which you want to visit and if your are doing something like reading other web pages or using Facebook continue with it. After 5 seconds the plugin will automatically click the “Skip Ad” button and the required URL will be opened.

So no you understood how the plugin will work. In one line “The plugin will click the ‘Skip Ad’ button for you after 5 seconds”.

Useful links :

Screen clipping of the plugin page:

screen clipping of skipper plugin for mozilla firefox

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