How To Zoom And Rotate Any Image Present On The Web

I already told you about plugin which can show high quality image searched on Google images within same window so you have no need of opening the image in new tab and then clicking on view full image link to get the image. Today I’ll be telling you about another plugin which has a capability of zooming and rotating any image in any webpage. You might be thinking that the image will be shown zoomed or rotated in a new tab or new window but its not. The rotated or zoomed image is shown there within the page and where it is present.
So from now onwards you can zoom your profile picture in Facebook or rotate it by 180 degrees. The name of the plugin is Image Zoom which provides good and handy options for rotating or zooming the image either by using a right click context menu or by using the combination of mouse buttons.  So let’s start to know the plugin more and discuss about its installation, settings and usage with functionality it provides.

Installation of Image Zoom

May it be Mozilla Firefox plugin or Google Chrome plugin, I’ve told in almost every plugin that the installation part is not much complicated. All you need is just the URL to the addon page in which will be provided definitely in our useful links section below. If in any case you don’t find the URL than you can contact me regarding the same. You might also want to check out our guide for installing addons and plugins in Mozilla Firefox.

Usage of ImageZoom

Now that you have already installed the plugin and restarted your browser, you can use the plugin either by right click or bycombination of mouse buttons.

Let’s see first the right click context menu of the plugin.

  1. Just right click on any image in a webpage (may it be your profile page on Facebook)
  2. You’ll find two options: One for zooming image and another for rotating image.
  3. In the zoom option you’ll find the : zoom in, zoom reset, zoom out, custom zoom, custom dimensions, image fit and other percentage of actual image size the plugin can zoom.
  4. All the menus are easily usable. In custom zoom you’ll have to provide the zoom factor whereas in custom dimensions you’ll have to specify width and height of the image along with the maintain aspect ratio selected or deselected.
  5. Image fit will fit the image to the boundaries. (I also don’t know how to tell this, you can try and see the changes by yourself)
  6. Similarly the rotate option in right click context menu provides with you four options. You can rotate right or left or by 180 degrees and also reset the rotation to default.

Using ImageZoom by combination of mouse buttons

  1. Now that you are bored of right clicking every image and zooming in or zooming out and then again right clicking to reset, I’ll tell you cool mouse button combinations which comes by default and are also changeable according to your needs.
  2. To Fit an image:
    1. While keeping pressed the right click button, hit left click and see the image zoom function. It will fit the image to the boundaries
  3. To reset the fit image or zoomed image:
    1. While keeping pressed the right click button of mouse, press the middle click and the image will be reverted back to its original dimensions
  4. To zoom in and zoom out image:
    1. While keeping pressed the right click button of mouse, scroll the mouse wheel and the image will be zoomed in or zoomed out according to the scrolling.


Settings of ImageZoom

ImageZoom doesn’t provides much complicated settings as in zooming and rotating images there will be few options only. Above in the mouse buttons combination I mainly focused pressing the right click button constantly and then clicking or scrolling other button. So to change your most focused button (which is right click button by default), open the settings or options of the plugin and change the button. You and also select the right click context menu items in settings. Other settings are easy to understand and below you’ll find a screen shot of the settings.

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