Get IPL Cricket Match Score with Score Watch Addon

Are you a Cricket fan? Do you want Cricket Match Score everywhere you go? If you are from India then I know you are a Cricket Fan because almost all Indian’s are Cricketers and Cricket fans. This article mainly focuses on Cricket fans because today I’ll be telling you about an addon which displays cricket match score right within your browser’s status bar. Yes from now onwards you don’t have to open any website to get the score of matches.

Cricket Match Score – Score Watch

Score Watch (v1.0) is really a cool extension that tell you the score of Cricket matches all over the world. Score Watch usesESPN Cricinfo and as source sites to display relevant and updated cricket match score. Score Watch has also one cool feature that whenever there is a fall of wicket, then it will display a notification regardless Mozilla Firefox is minimized or not. Here’s an image of the notification.

Score Watch displays a list consisting of all the presently going matches accross the globle. And it refreshes the score every 5 seconds so that you’ll the latest score. Here’s a screenshot of all matches going on while writing this article. The matches that doesn’t have any score displayed will be played today. Have a look:

By clicking on the “Full Scorecard” button you’ll be redirected to the source website which haves the full and detailed information of the cricket match score. The addon has also an option of pausing itself for updating the scores. There is also an option to enable/disable Score Watch at startup of Firefox or to enable/disable Wicket Alerts. You can also set the refresh timings from 5secs or 10seconds or 20seconds or 25seconds or 1minute. I personally like the latest and live score so my refresh interval is the minimum i.e. 5seconds. This is how the preference dialog looks like this.

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