Let FabTabs color your tabs based on the website colors

There are many tabs coloring plugins available today. Each having some or the other feature or some may be coloring in random order just to keep it eye soothing. One such plugin that I already talked about is ColorfulTabs for Firefox. The eye soothing colors of ColorfulTabs helps in tab navigation also.

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Today I’ll be talking about another such plugin which will color the tabs of Mozilla Firefox based on the website colors. Yes what the plugin does is a simple thing. The plugin takes a screenshot of the webpage and analyse the color combination of the website. The most used color of the webpage found will the your tab color. So it actually matches the tab color to your website color.

This means that whenever you find green theme at PluginsTalk.com its tab color will be green or a red colored theme will make the tab color to red. Can you guess the color of tab for Facebook? Yes you guessed it right but still I won’t tell you because there may be many persons that has guessed the tab color as white.

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sample screenshot for FabTabs plugin which colorized tabs in Firefox

For now onwards I’ve decided not to write the installation section as all of the Firefox plugins or Chrome extension have same basic steps to follow. There is a guide for plugins installation in Firefox and a guide for extension installation in Google Chrome.

How To: Use FabTabs

  1. After installation FabTabs will ask you to restart the browser.
  2. After restarting the browser you’ve to do nothing because FabTabs will automatically colorize your tabs based on the theme colors.

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Settings of FabTabs

There are settings present for FabTabs like do you want to chache the site name and its color because it’ll save time of taking screenshot and analyzing it or do you want to colorize all the toolbars below the tabs? You can change the settings based on your needs. Screenshots are provided below of settings for FabTabs.

Settings Page For FabTabs plugin

Settings Page For FabTabs plugin

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If you like the plugin do share it with your friends and tell me about your experience with FabTabs via commenting below.

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