Manage All Downloads In Firefox By Download Helper Plugin

My focus today has shifted to download management. I don’t know why. May be because today I downloaded a YouTube video with this plugin. The first plugin came to my mind is theDownload Helper plugin for Mozilla Firefox. You must have seen the article of Download Status plugin in which you’ll get Firefox download statistics in same window. Talking aboutDownload Helper plugin, it has a hell lots of settings and many cool features about which we’ll discuss in detail. Basically the plugin helps in managing the downloads inside Firefox. Provides a animated button beneath every video for downloading in all resolutions from almost all of the websites like YouTube, MegaVideo, DailyMotion, Google Video, Break, etc. Without wasting any time quickly see the installation and then we’ll talk about how to use Download Helper.

Installation of Download Helper Plugin

  1. Installation of Download Helper Plugin is similar to other plugins. A restart of the browser will be required to complete installation.
  2. You’ll find the link to plugin page in the useful link section.
  3. Some of the plugin’s features are dependent on few other plugins and installation.

How To: use Download Helper Plugin

  1. If you only need the plugin for downloading purpose from YouTube or other website then, its not much complicated to learn how to download videos. The Download Helper plugin button looks like this  (like atoms or something like them), just press the button and the download of the presently playing video will start.
  2. If there is one or more videos playing on same web page, then you can press the button below the video or you can use the Download Helper button present in the left side of the address bar which has the list of all videos playing. Select any video from the drop down and the downloading will start.
  3. Download Helper provides a long context menu by which you can check the supported sites, open the download queue, open download folder, search videos, rename video names based on title, change the preferences, etc.
  4. The plugin provides many settings as I already told you. So open the preferences from the context menu or options from the extensions installed in add-on page.
  5. The first tab is General one which has two parts. First one is appearance in which you can show/hide the icon animation, in status bar, in tools menu, in context menu, in system menu, etc.
    In the behavior you can hand the accelerator keys and the default icon clicked function.
  6. The capture settings are the main settings of the plugin.
    1. In the Network page you can add/modify the download formats which the Download Helper will catch from the webpages. For example: I’ve added .mkv format to the video lists.
    2. The Youtube section provides the list of resolutions YouTube provides. You can move up/down the resolution. There’s nothing to change by the way.
    3. The Galleries section should be used when you want to bulk download media from a webpage or selection. The media can be for example images, music files, video files, html documents, etc.
                Read: Copy URL Expert which copies all the URL of images and hyperlinks
    4. Black list are the sites from where Download Helper will now download media files.
    5. Smart Naming allows to rename downloaded files rather than secret and encrypted numbers or random alphabets.
    6. Screen Capture (still in beta at present) is a tool which can record the activity or the videos directly without download them. It can be very useful when the website doesn’t allows video downloads and there is no other way to download videos. This feature requires CSHelper to be already installed.
  7. Services provided by Download Helper are mentioned and maintained in third tab.
    1. You can change the Quick Keys or revert to defaults.
    2. You can change the download folder & the download mode.
    3. And you can share your download information to various social networks.
  8. If you want to convert the videos after download automatically then you might want to checkout this section. Here you can all the settings related to conversion but you also want to install external download helper convertor for this purpose. If you want to install the convertor then just hit “Install/Update convertor” and the related page will open up.
  9. In the miscellaneous section you’ll find the history saving section which is still in beta mode. History saving helps in saving the videos history you’ve watched by which you can batch download them. Which means that you can download all videos kept in your history together.

The article went so longggg due to never ending preferences of Download Helper.

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