Open Websites In Google Chrome That Only Supports Internet Explorer

You must have faced this problem now or then that whenever you are filling any Government examination forms online, you just need Internet explorer to open them. If I give example of such websites then the first that will come to my mind is Some bank websites like Syndicate Bank’s website is also supported in Internet Explorer only.

Okay assume a situation in which you’ve selected the best jeans of your favorite brand, from your favorite shopping website inGoogle Chrome, and proceeding to checkout. While making payment you selected the bank’s website which only support Internet Explorer. The bank’s website is saying that you cannot make a transaction due to browser and then what you do is open Internet Explorer and follow the same process to checkout. This happened to me today only when I was ordering Dominos Pizza online and Syndicate Bank’s website showed me this error.

IE Tabs is a plugin for Google Chrome that can fix things for you and provide Internet Explorer type environment withing Google Chrome for the websites.

How To: Use IE Tabs in Google Chrome

Using IE Tabs is pretty much simple as firstly you gotta adjust the settings according to you and the click on the IE Tabs icon which will provide a new address bar. Lets get into a bit more details.

  1. Settings

    1. To open the options or settings of IE Tabs just right click on the plugin’s icon  and select options.
    2. In options you’ll find a setting like this:
      Select the appropriate mode that you want to use. This may ask for Google Chrome to restart because change will take effects after the restart.
  2. Getting the IE Tabs bar

    1. Whenever you know that you’ve to open any website which is Internet Explorer compatible only, then just click on the icon of IE Tabs icon  and new address bar will be shown beneath the normal address bar.
    2. Copy paste the URL of website that you want to open or enter the website’s URL.
    3. Surf Internet Explorer type in Google Chrome and enjoy this plugin

Just for you information: The extension was a great hit in Google web-store. It is one of the Top10 plugins since 2009!
Note:- For features like IE8 or IE9 Standard Modes, Internet Explorer 8 or 9 must be installed receptively.

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