Pick color in RGB format from any webpage using colorPicker plugin

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color picker plugin for firefox logo imageIf you are a website designer, then you’ll love this plugin.
What it does is a simple task : Copies the RGB values of any color from web pages, be it an image or text.
You can use the RGB color values or the HEX formatted values of any color into your CSS Style sheet file. Moreover you can set the RGB value inside paint color box/photoshop color picker to get the exact same color as you viewed on webpage.

The plugin  automatically copies the value of the color into the clipboard, so you don’t have to remember some numeric values.

How to install colorPicker  plugin into Firefox :

How to use colorPicker plugin for Firefox :

  1. Open “Tools” menu of Firefox (you can use Alt+T shortcut also)
  2. Click on the color picker menu item in Tools menu (accelarator key by default is “C”)
    tools menu for color picker plugin in mozilla firefox
  3. Move you mouse on the desired image or text and press ESCAPE (esc)
    color picker window plugin for mozilla firefox
  4. Past the RGB value into your code (which is already copied into clipboard)

Trick:- Press ALT, followed by T, followed by C to directly open the color picker plugin :)

Note:- If you want to get the HEX values of the same color, you gotta remember it from the box of color picker while hovering over the desired image/text ;)

Useful link : colorPicker Add-on for Firefox

Screen Clipping of plugin page :
screen cliping for color picker plugin in mozilla firefox

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