Play Your Favorite Songs by FireTube – YouTube music player plugin

A YouTube music player plugin installed right into your Firefox. Doesn’t it sounds cool? Yes it is, at least for me it is.

YouTube is the best and #1 video hosting website. There are many features of YouTube but the one I want to highlight is its search. Suppose you want to search a song from 1980 ‘s, yep you heard me right it is 1980 only; at least for an example you can search 1980 songs, then doing a Google search to play it online and listen to it would not be right until and unless the song is a very popular one. Google search for 1980′s song would show results which are also search URLs at other music websites and you wouldn’t find the song. It has happened to me a lot of time that while searching an old song Google will land me to another website, which searches the same song for me in their database and wouldn’t find it. But YouTube has always helped me in this situation, whenever an old song is searched; the first result that comes up will be the right one (Thanks YouTube you didn’t search other websites).

So searching and playing a song from YouTube means that first result will be your song that you want to play, therefore you just type the name of song and it starts playing instantly. If you’ve a slow internet connection then also the song will be played as the player plays the smallest size song from YouTube. You can also play video from YouTube with slow internet connection with another plugin.

The plugin get installed in Mozilla Firefox and can be accessed from the plugin’s favorite place – the add-on bar. You can quickly hide/unhide the add-on bar by using control + / or in mac use command + /.


How To: Use YouTube Music Player

Searching and playing the song

It’s really simple to use. The basic is type the song’s name or artist’s name and hit enter. That’s it. Lets go in a little more explanation.

Firstly you gotta open the music player search box by clicking on the search icon. It is located in between the song’s name box and player timer box.
Then you gotta type the song’s name or artist’s name in the search box and hit enter. That’s it.

The player will do the search on YouTube and starts to play the first song’s video in back-end. Yes the player plays the video but it is not displayed. So it’s seems like an audio player. By the way the video is of lower resolution so that the player doesn’t starts to buffer in between the song.

Navigation between songs

Navigation keys are present for “Rewind 10 seconds” “Play/Pause” “Fast forward 10 seconds” inside the player . You can also use shortcuts for these controls. control + Left will rewind 10 seconds, control + UP will do the play/pause functions and control + Right will fast forward 10 seconds.

If you want to see the next song’s name which will be played then you can click on the list icon and the list like below will be displayed to you, by which you can directly jump to next song of the same artist.

Volume controls

The volume control is hidden but it can also be displayed by clicking on the songs time display.

Overall I liked the YouTube music player plugin and want you to give it a try. This plugin is not affiliated to YouTube Inc. in any ways, just want you should know this. Wait have I told you that there’s download button like this is  provided with plugin. Nevertheless you know now. If FireTube is not working then:
– The most likely cause is a JavaScript blocker such as NoScript is installed. The YouTube API requires JavaScript to be enabled in order to function correctly.
– In the “about:config” settings, “plugins.click_to_play must be enabled.
– If errors still persist, try uninstalling and reinstalling again.

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