Preview Links & High Quality Google Images On Mouse Hover

The Cool Previews team is regularly developing new cool tools and plugins for better viewing and browsing user experience. The version 3.8 of the CoolPreviews add-on for Firefox provides you to preview links and also high quality images from Google image search, into the same tab on which you are working on. Isn’t it cool to open links, preview them within the same tab and move on. Suppose you wanna check out the website’s content which you got by Google search, then instead of opening the website in same or other tab, you can check it out from the Google search page only. So no need to make efforts in shifting to a new tab or closing the website tab or clicking the back button to go to search page again. Just install the CoolPreviews plugin for Firefox and enjoy a new way of browsing.
You might also want to check out the plugin by which we can quickly browse through Wikipedia and Wiktionary in same tab.

Installation of CoolPreviews Plugin

  1. As usual the installation of the CoolPreviews plugin is same as other plugins in Firefox
  2. Check our guide to install addons/plugins in Mozilla Firefox
  3. Useful link to the plugin page is given in Useful Links section

Options of CoolPreviews Plugins

  1. To open options of CoolPreviews plugin, Open Add-on page (Control+Shift+A) > Extensions > CoolPreviews 3.8 (option button)
  2. Select the option for opening the CoolPreviews window from the combo box. I like “Click CTRL + mouseover a link” option.
  3. You can select/deselect the preview upon hover on Google Images
  4. Select the location of CoolPreviews icon
  5. Adjust the Speed Control of preview window and the icon
  6. Change the Theme of CoolPreviews window to either Dark or Light (Ice)
  7. Manage the search engines by the search tab
  8. Turn On/Off the CoolPreviews and it’s Right-Click Menu
  9. To disable the CoolPreviews on specific sites
    1. Open the add-on bar (Control+/) or Click Firefox > Tools > Add-on bar
    2. Right Click / Left Click on the CoolPreviews icon
    3. Select “Disable CoolPreviews on this site”
    4. Or select “Disable Completely” to turn it off

How To: Use CoolPreviews?

  1. Just search any image in Google Images and hover it
    1. Give it sometime for loading a Higher Quality picture
  2. Hover any link (may it be Google search results or any other)
    1. If your settings for preview window is set to “Mouseover the CoolPreviews Icon” then hover the Icon on the right side of link or cursor
    2. If your setting is set to “Click the CoolPreviews Icon” then click on it
    3. If “Mouseover a link” is selected then automatically mouseover will activate windows
    4. If “Control + Mouseover” is selected then press control while hovering any link
    5. Just click a link when you’ve selected “Click a link”

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