Quickly browse Wikipedia & Wiktionary by QuickWiki Plugin

You can now quickly browse the Wikipedia or the Wiktionary just by right clicking any word or any sentence. So no need to open new tab or to use the search bar (which is on the right hand side of the address bar) for browsing Wikipedia or Wiktionary. With the QuickWiki Plugin installed, just right click on the word (while pressing shift/control) and then a new pop in box give you the information searched from Wikipedia or Wiktionary. So without wasting time lemme tell you about the installation and usage.


  1. Installation is same as other plugins. If you don’t know how to install plugin then go through our guide.
  2. You’ll find useful links in the Useful links section
  3. After installation of the plugin, a restart will be required to activate and use the plugin


  1. To look up into Wikipedia
    • Press control and then right click on any word. A pop in box will come with the information searched in Wikipedia.
      The information box is fully designed for making it easy to use and read. All the headings except the definition are shown in collapsed format (which can be expanded by clicking on them).
  2. To look up into Wiktionary
    • Looking up Wiktionary is same. But instead of pressing control while right clicking you’ll have to press shift. That’s it.
  3. You can also use the right click menu for searching the same
  4. To look up multiple words or a sentence, just select the sentence or phrase and then right click on it (while pressing control/shift)
  5. To close the pop in box just click anywhere on the page and the box disappears.

Settings of QuickWiki Plugin

  1. To open settings
    • Search any word using right click and then click on settings icon, or
    • Goto Add-ons manager (Control+Shift+A), select the extensions tab, scroll through them and click options in the QuickWiki extension
  2. You’ll find these settings
    1. Shortcuts tab
    2. Languages tab
    3. Appearance tab
    4. Security tab
    5. About tab

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