Quickly hide all Firefox windows with a click of a button

Imagine you are watching some content on the internet which is not allowed for you to watch. You are enjoying it nicely and suddenly someone opened the door of your room. What happens then? You get panicked and you try to do many things so that you didn’t get caught. You may want to try these things in such a situation:

  1. Immediately pressing escape if you are watching a video in full-screen mode
  2. Muting the audio of the PC by directly pressing mute button if available or if it is not available then pressing Function+mute button. If this is also not available then I can’t help you, purchase another keyboard which have multimedia keys and use it
  3. Recursively pressing Control+W to close all tabs of the browser
  4. Recursively pressing Alt+F4 to close all browser windows (which sometimes also closes your other software windows onto which you were working)
  5. Turning off the screen display (along with muting the sounds) by pressing the display off or changing monitor keys or directly unplugging screen from the cabinet
  6. If you are working on a desktop then directly pressing the force restart button available in your CPU cabinet

There may exist many options other than these which a normal person will do when he/she will get panicked. But overall these options will work in most of the cases but they will leave you with increased heartbeats and unnecessarily sweating which doesn’t help at all.

So there’s one plugin named “Panic Button” for Firefox which helps you a lot in such a situation or similar situations. An example of similar situation will be that you are watching your ex-girlfriend pics on your cloud service and your present girlfriend knocks the door.


  1. Like other Firefox plugins, Panic Button will be installed in the same way
  2. You can get the Mozilla plugin page in the Useful Links section at the end of the page
  3. If you are new to plugin or extension installation then you might want to check our guide regarding the same


  1. Press the Panic Button directly. The button look like this Panic button plugin for firefox. And you’ll always find it in the right side of the address bar
  2. Press F9 key from keyboard and the Panic Button will get activated


There are some settings available with the Panic Button Plugin like what to do when the button is pressed? It should quit or restart or minimize, etc. They are:

  1. Hide all windows
  2. Minimize all windows
  3. Quit
  4. Hide and replace (you’ll be asked to input the replacing URL in this option)
  5. Toolbar Caption (which is “panic button” by default)
  6. Choose your favorite icon
  7. Reset the settings

A screen clipping of the settings (both tabs) is given below:

options tab in settings for panic button customize tab in settings for panic button

Useful Links

  1. Panic button Firefox addon page
  2. How To: install plugins in Firefox
  3. More “Privacy and Security” plugins

Screen Clipping

screen clipping for panic button plugin in firefox

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