Quickly search and open links by just drag drop in Firefox

Just select the text or link, drag it and then leave it. This is the simple method now for looking up any word or for opening URL into new tab. Previously I’ve already told you about the quickest way for searching anything in Wikipedia or Wiktionary without opening any tab , today I’ll be telling you about searching any word/phrase in Google as quickly as possible (just by dragging and dropping gesture).

If you’ve already used QuickDrag, then you must be knowing how awesome it is.! Or If you are new to this plugin then after using it you’ll say how awesome it is because this plugin doesn’t let any person to hate it.

Installation of QuickDrag

  1. See our resources section to find out the URL of the plugin
  2. Go through our guide about new plugin or addon installation in Mozilla Firefox

How To: Use QuickDrag Plugin

  1. After installing QuickDrag plugin, restart your Firefox to apply changes
  2. To search any word(s) in Google
    1. Select any word(s) from the web page
    2. Hold you mouse, drag it and drop it anywhere
    3. The word(s) will be searched in Google, in a new Tab
  3. To open any link
    1. If you want you may select it, but without selection it will also work
    2. Hold your mouse over the link, drag it and drop it anywhere
    3. The link will be opened in a new Tab

Settings of QuickDrag

With QuickDrag plugin you are provided with five checkboxes as settings. You can check/uncheck them according to your needs. They are:

  1. Open tabs for web addresses in the foreground
  2. Open tabs for text searches in the foreground
  3. Use drag-and-drop to download images
  4. Open clickable links in new tabs instead of searching or saving
  5. Enable Marketing

A screenshot of the QuickDrag settings is:

quickdrag plugin settings in mozilla firefox

Useful Links

  1. QuickDrag plugin page
  2. How To: install addons and plugins in Mozilla Firefox
  3. More similar plugins for Mozilla Firefox

Screen Clipping:

screen clipping of quickdrag plugin for firefox

If you like the QuickDrag plugin or you know about similar plugins or alternatives. Do lemme know via your useful comments.

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