Save Images To Any Location In A Single Click Without Prompt

This is a new and interesting plugin which will help you a lot whenever you’ll play with images. The best part of the plugin is that, you can save any image in its full resolution to any custom location in your hard drive without even getting prompt. Whenever you browse Google Images or any other website, what you can do is just right click on any image and select the image saver menu (which is created by you only). The prompt part in saving images is what irritates me because after saving my first image to a custom location, all I do after first image is hitting the same “Save” button. I’m thankful to this plugin because it removes the every time prompt option while saving.

You’ll find a highly customizable context menu editor in the options of the Image Saver which means that you can create your own right click menu label which will do the saving part when clicked. Seems interesting? For me also. So lets quickly run through the installation part and then we’ll create our custom context menu for saving the images.

Installation of Context Menu Image Saver

  1. The installation part of each plugin is same and damn too easy. What you mostly need is the URL to the add-on page which you’ll be getting in the useful links section of this article.
  2. Want to checkout our guide which tell about plugins and add-ons installation in Mozilla Firefox.? Click here.

Setting up and using Context Menu Image Saver

  1. Goto the options of Context Menu Image Saver from the add-on page (control+shift+a)
  2. Click on the Menu-Items Settings to add/modify context menus of image saver
  3. To add a new top level menu item:
    1. Click on the Item button
    2. Specify the menu label, browse the location and if you want then tell the file prefix
    3. Hit OK button and the menu will be saved
    4. So from now whenever you’ll click on this menu, the image will be save to your specified directory with the prefix you’ve specified
  4. To add a cascaded menu:
    1. You’ll need to add a top level menu first to add a submenu
    2. Click on the submenu and create a new menu label which will be your top level menu
    3. Now again click on the submenu to add new submenu if you want to
    4. Now add a new item if you haven’t added till now and use the up/down keys to adjust the submenu items
    5. After designing your menu click the OK button which will save your menus and settings


Working of Image Saver plugin

  1. After setting up the menu items what you need to do is just right click on any image and select the appropriate menu item which you’ve already created in the settings. Your image will be saved accordingly.

Screen Clipping of Context Menu Image Saver Plugin

Screen Clipping of Context Images Saver for Firefox

Useful Links

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