Set Facebook color scheme of your choice

Amazed? Tired of the Facebook blue color scheme which you’ve been using since ages? Want to see Facebook in a new way, new look?
Previously I told you How to use Facebook within your browser, and now you’ll see Facebook into color of your choice, be it green, black, red, pink, purple, etc. Facebook has become an addiction to some people and a job to check news feed to others, for some it is a developer platform while for some it is just one of the many websites in the world. Without considering any of the reason to use Facebook, yes you can set your own color scheme which will surely add some more excitement ( while using Facebook).

You can change three different colors on the Facebook pages:

  1. The Facebook bar itself which is in traditional blue color and is over all the pages
  2. The white background of all the pages
  3. The black colored content, which is shown in news feed, wall, etc

Facebook color scheme changer icon, extension for google chromeHow to install Facebook Color Changer

How to use Facebook Color Changer

  1. Open Google Chrome
  2. Install Facebook Color Changer extension (find link below)
  3. Log in into
  4. Click on the facebook settings icon or facebook old settings icon icon (the icon used to log out and handle account & privacy settings)
  5. Under the Help menu item, you’ll find the Facebook Color Changer extension installed
    Note:- First color is for the Facebook bar, second for content and third for page background
    Facebook color scheme changer in Facebook account menu
  6. Set Color to your own choice
  7. Now you can log out and restart Google Chrome to see your color are persistent

You can also download Facebook Color Changer app form the Google Chrome Webstore
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