Shifty: A Cool feature that enable you to edit or move elements on any Web Page

Bored of surfing the internet and flipping through web pages for the whole day? Now there’s a cool plugin for Google Chrome which will let you play with any web page that you’ve currently opened.

If we study any web page, then we’ll find that every web page is made of up HTML elements and divisions stacked on over the other. These elements are nested which means that there will be a bigger division inside which smaller divisions with different content and images exists. If you want to see the full overlapping and nesting of HTML elements then you might want to install Tilt plugin which shows any web page in 3D.

Shifty is a cool plugin for Google Chrome which takes advantages of this structure and nesting of elements to move any element within a web page and to edit them on fly. You must be thinking that “what is the use of such a plugin?” or “where will it benefit to me?“. This is the same question that came to my mind also when I found this plugin. Read my little story below to find out how I benefited from this cool plugin.

My little story about Shifty

In my college I’ve to prepare a document based on a social website developed by my team. The problem with the website was that, the website was made in such a limited amount of time that the developers didn’t got time to developed the chatting section of the website and there was a problem with one table’s positioning. My work was to prepare the document of the full website including the features that were not present. Then I found the solution with Shifty plugin. I edited the text of chatting box present on some other website and moved the table to the required position. After doing all this fishy things I took the screenshots and pasted in the document. So now you know how shifty helped me in my work.

Demo screenshots

shifty plugin demo screenshot

shifty plugin demo screenshot

Installation procedure is same as other Google Chrome extensions. You might want to check out our guide if you don’t know how to install extensions in chrome.

How To: use Shifty plugin

  1. After installation you’ll see a hand icon on the right side of the address bar in chrome.
  2. Just click on it and you’ll find two options: Edit Text and Move Elements.
  3. Clicking on any of this will then display “working…” which will take a lot of time in my case. When it shows “working…” basically shifty processes the data in that web page. So if the web page is of small size then this time will reduce as compared to a large size web page.
  4. After the working text disappears, you can do what you’ve selected. If you’ve selected to edit the text then just click on any line present in the web page and start editing it or if you’ve selected to move the elements then just start moving the elements by dragging them form one location to another.

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