Take Full Page Screenshots; Edit them Within Firefox By FireShot Plugin

There are many plugins & software available for taking a full page screenshot of the web page opened in web browser. Today I’ll be talking about one such awesome plugin “FireShot” which is available for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and more browsers.

We surf the internet daily and for some or the other reason we like to keep the copy of the content maybe for further reading. What I did in past is to select the full webpage and copy it in a Microsoft word document. Word keeps all the formatting of the web page. It’s like I’ve stored full webpage with its images and other textual content. Then I got struck when I want to take the screenshot of the page instead of just copy pasting its content. I found the solution for this very easily, but it was not a good solution, I zoomed out the web page by using control + plus button or by holding control and scrolling the mouse then taking screenshot of the full web page. I did the trick for some of the webpages, not for all obviously because there is also a limit to zoom out any webpage.

However when I took a screenshot the next thing which bugs me off is editing the screenshot and highlighting the main points or main area. For this simple work opening ms paint, then dragging the pointers, then text boxes to relevant places and editing was such a pain in the ass. So at last found a really cool solution which does both the work: taking screenshot of full page and then editing them without fighting with ms paint.

Before we move out further and get deep into the working of FireShot plugin, you must check out these three most important plugins for Firefox:

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  2. Quickly hide all Firefox windows with a click of a button
  3. Quickly search and open links by just drag drop in Firefox

FireShot Plugin

FireShot is an awesome plugin to take screenshots of a full webpage and edit them without opening another image editor. FireShot is available for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and other web browsers. You can do the highlighting part in screenshot, or you can add a text or you can covert into gray scale image, etc with FireShot plugin.

Installation of FireShot Plugin in Mozilla Firefox

Installation process for all Firefox plugins is same. You’ll get the link to the plugin in the Useful Links section. If you don’t know how to install, then you might want to check the installation steps of plugins in Mozilla Firefox.

How to use FireShot Plugin?

A simple and easy procedure to take screenshot of the web page is as follows:

  1. Open the FireShot menu either by right clicking the page or directly form the plugin icon.
  2. Choose between capturing visible screen or selection area or full page.
  3. Then click in edit if you want to edit the screenshot or save or any other option form the relevant menu.
  4. If you choose to edit then editor will open up with lots of options. Until you edit and save the image you cannot use Firefox ):

You can toggle the appearance of context menu in options or you can add the FireShot right into your Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.

This is not full FireShot Plugin, it is more than this. Just install it and check it out.

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