Translate Any Word Or Phrase By Right Click Using Google Translate

Yes I know that you are already aware of one of the service offered by Google for translating text, sentences and websites in other languages, called Google Translate. So I’ll not be introducing you to something new, instead I’ll be telling you about a simple and easy to use plugin for Google Translate service. The name of the plugin is gTranslate. Firstly, as mentioned in the add-on page for Firefox I would also like to clearly mention that the gTranslate plugin is not affiliated by the Google Inc. in any way. The plugin is developed and maintained by Pau Tomàs, Pierre Bertet, Éric Lemoine.

Checkout the screen shot of the translation
Detect Language (English) > Hindi              

Detect Language (English) > Spanish        

I’ll be telling you about How To: Use gTranslate plugin after its installation.

Installation of gTranslate plugin for Firefox

  1. The installation steps for almost all plugins will remain same and our guide will tell you more about it.
  2. The link to the add-on page which you’ll be requiring is given in the useful links section.

Google Translate pulgin

How To: Use gTranslate plugin for Firefox

  1. After installation you’ll be asked for restarting you Mozilla Firefox for activating and using the plugin. Restart it.
  2. Visit any webpage that you want and select any word you want to translate.
  3. Right click on the word and scroll to the bottom menu which says “Translate <Selected Word>”. You’ll see an alphabet “a” in violet color as the icon in the context menu.
  4. If this is the first time or you want to change your translation language preferences then open the sub menu which says “Change Languages (auto>hi)”, in my case.
  5. Now you’ll be given a long list of languages spoken across the globe. This is the language from which you are translating.
  6. You might want to select “Detect Language” for auto detection of the from language. If not then select the language you are translating from.
  7. Now again you’ll be given same list inside every from language. This is the destination language. Means the language in which you want the translation. Select it. (I’ve chosen Hindi)
  8. The languages (from and to) are saved for further translations.
  9. Now right click again and hover the menu again to see the translation.
  10. If you want to see the translation in the Google Translate itself then click on the translation. It’ll open in new tab.

Useful links

  1. Add on page for gTranslate plugin in Mozilla Firefox
  2. How To: install plugins and addons in Mozilla Firefox
  3. Other useful plugins of Firefox

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