Twitbin: The Best Twitter Siderbar For Your Browser

I’ve already told you about the Facebook sidebar for Firefox which helps you to sit back and surf while you can still chat with your Facebook friends. Today I’ll be introducing with a similar sidebar but this time not for Facebook, its about Twitter. I know that I’ve posted a comment on Indians related to Twitter in my article: Now Get Twitter & Facebook Notification Counts Right From Firefox Tabs

Twitbin is a cool name. Isn’t it? This is a sidebar made for Twitter by which you can do almost all of the stuff that you can do on You can tweet from any website, in sense that the sidebar will be available while you’ll be surfing other sites so whenever you want to just send a tweet. If you found any useful link or you liked any of our articles (maybe this one) then you can directly share links on Twitter because Twitbin allows “One click share any site with your friends and audience on twitter“. With Twitbin you can interact with your friends, follow your conversation quickly and easily. And obviously you’ll download the latest plugin so it will be fully compatible with Firefox higher versions.

Maybe you want to check out Twitbin’s 3:24 min video present on YouTube

Adding a new account and authorizing the application

When the plugin is installed (and after the restart of browser) you’ll be required to add a new account to Twitbin and authorize it. Twitbin will open up this page automatically:

After entering the username and password click on Authorize app button which will generate a numeric code like this:

And you cannot enter this code manually otherwise I’ll be not showing you the actual code

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