URL Fixer hides your mistakes while typing wrong url

So from now you can type whatever you want as a URL. If it is a slight mistake then URL Fixer will automatically catch it and correct your mistake. Here is an example where plugins acts as teacher because its corrects your mistake. It’s a bad joke right? Yes, I know. I can’t resists myself from cracking bad joke at good times, sorry.

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So I was telling you about the URL Fixer plugin. Suppose you’ve typed “google.con” instead of “google.com“, then also you’ll see the Google homepage instead of “Server not found” or “The page cannot be displayed” errors if the URL Fixer plugin is installed. Try typing “youtubr.com” for YouTube or “PluginsTalk.cop” for PluginsTalk, you’ll be redirected to the correct page automatically.

After redirecting to you to correct page, the plugin confirms that the corrections made to URL are right or not (by this below bar)?

You know what I’ve Avast Internet Security installed in my Windows8 Laptop and I found the same work done by avast also. But I guess avast cannot catch all the mistakes than the plugin can. Some other plugins like ABP can also do the same work, I’m not sure who’s the best among all. But the plugin made for fixing URLs will be more active in correcting the URLs, this is what I think.

How To: Use URL Fixer Plugin

Well you gotta do nothing actually to make the plugin work. Still if you want to make some exceptions or define rules you can get into the options of the plugin.

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