Use facebook within your browser


Isn’t it interesting to use Facebook within your browser?
Imagine you are surfing some other web pages and simultaneously chatting with your friends who are online on Facebook. Or getting the “real-time activity updates of friends or ticker updates” while surfing the web.

Facebook within Firefox

This is possible now, because Facebook released its official plugin for “Mozilla Firefox”. The link is provided at the end of article.

How to install Messenger for Firefox steps (no restart required) :

  1. Open firefox
  2. Goto Messenger for Firefox page
  3. Turn On the plugin

If you are not logged in, the plugin will show as “Not logged in”.
Just log into with your credentials.

Note:- You can enable or disable the sidebar, desktop notifications and remove also by clicking on the facebook icon icon of the plugin and by choosing appropriate option. See image below.

facebook plugin within firefox

Useful links : Messenger for Firefox

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