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If I consider about categories related to the plugin then I would find that there are two categories of people. First category people knows about the plugin and are in love (♥) with it and second category people are those who aren’t aware about the plugin, its features, and will eventually turn into first category people when they install the plugin in their Firefox. The plugin which I’m boasting about is called FastestFox. Just like its name it helps the web surfing very fast and save a hell lot of time.

Consider a situation where you are really desperate to search about something and you did a Google search for it. For the first few pages of your searching you’ll flip through them because you are desperate to find it out. But the problem arises when you open the 10th or maybe 12th page and thought that all of these results could be presented on a single page. FastestFox solves the same problem for you. Well there is an option for you to increase the search results per page in settings. Without wasting any bit of time (that’s what FastesFox says) lets see FastestFox feature. Wait for a minute “Do you know that FastestFox plugin have its sibling extension for Google Chrome users called as FastestChrome?”

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Main Features of FastestFox

  1. Auto load next page
  2. Wikipedia information on selection and hover
  3. Search selection over four different sites
  4. Save time by speeding up repetitive tasks
  5. Parallel downloads
  6. NEW: enhanced Google searches with related queries and results
  7. NEW: image based price comparison feature powered by Superfish

The are just main features of FastestFox. The plugin will definitely enhance your productivity and you will become so addictive to it that this plugin will become a necessity for you while browsing. Okay so let me tell you about some of its features in detail now.

Check the video about FastestFox

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FastestFox features

  1. Auto load next page

    1. After installation of FastestFox in Firefox, just type a search query in Google and scroll to the bottom of the page. You’ll find that the next page is automatically loaded and joined at the bottom of the page. Cool na? you don’t have to click on page number or next page link and all your pages searches are there with you so you can go back and forth with your search.
      auto page loader feature of FastestFox
      Okay this automatically loading next page feature doesn’t only work on Google. Try scrolling to the bottom of the PluginsTalk homepage and the next page will automatically be loaded for you by FastestFox.
  2. Search selection in four different search sites

    1. Select any word and you’ll see a popup right there have four different image icons which are arranged in a grid. Clicking on any of these will open a new tab with search results of the selection text.
      Search over different search engines with FastestFoxWell for some people this pop up showing itself on every text selection is kind of irritating because they always not select the text for searching it on search site, some may be selecting it for just copy & pasting, and this is the reason why some users have rated the plugin with 2 or 3 stars instead of 5.
  3. Get Wikipedia information of selection text or on hover

  1. To get the Wikipedia information right into the browser, just select any word or text and the Wikipedia information is displayed there only in a nice cute little box with images (if found).
    Wikipedia information on mouse hover of FastestFox

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Don’t forget to check out the FastestChrome plugin for Google Chrome users. The features of both the plugins are same and are also made by the same developer “yongqli“.

Useful Links

  1. FastestFox plugin page for Firefox users
  2. FastestChrome plugin for Google Chrome users
  3. How To: install plugins in Firefox
  4. More cool plugins like this

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