Use YouTube With Slow Connections With Stop Autoplay Plugin

So you are a YouTube fan? Yes, I’m right. We all enjoy YouTube and who doesn’t want to watch the latest videos on the world’s 3rd ranked website? The thing I’m wondering is not about YouTube now but it is 3rd ranked website then which are 1st and 2nd ranked websites? Well I’m going off the road but still no problem. The first ranked website is obviously Google and the second is another obvious one, which is The Facebook (I’ve watched “The Social Network” so I’ll also say “Drop Thejust “Facebook“) as the Alexa statistics says (as on 30th March 2013).

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Coming BACK TO TOPIC, I’ll ask you that (Maybe long time back or now also) Do you have a slow internet connection? If yes then firstly I’m say that you should upgrade you internet plan as today all prefer to watch YouTube videos in atleast 720p. You use YouTube in a slow connection and gets irritated by the YouTube’s buffering method by which the video stops buffering when the video is paused.

Stop autoplay for YouTube plugin demo screenshot in Google Chrome

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Stop Autoplay for YouTube is a useful plugin for slow connections. It keeps on buffering the video even when the video is paused, so that you can watch the buffered video without getting irritated. The plugin description on Google Webstore says:

Stops YouTube autoplay but allows pre-buffering.

YouTube autoplay is annoying when you open a lot of pages at a time, but many extensions that turn it off also stop the pre-buffering of the video, which is crucial for slow networks. I hope this extension takes care of this annoyance.

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