Customize Facebook According To Your Needs In Just 2 Steps

Today Facebook’s fever is all over and every person (or most) is affected by it. But when you have lots of friends, liked many pages, played many Facebook games then what you’ll see are not your friends news & updates but application and impure news like : “<Your Friends Name>’s lucky number for today is 7” or “<Your Friends Name> has opened new magical doors at <Application Name>“. So today I’ll be telling you guys about a cool and trending plugin for Firefox by which you’ll start liking Facebook even more and may want to say a word of thanks to me.

You must have read my post for Google chrome where I’ve told about a plugin which is capable of changing the full color scheme of Facebook. This is a similar plugin for Mozilla Firefox which doesn’t even change the background color but provides much more.

F.B. Purity plugin is the plugin name which I’m talking about. What it does is that it provides you with a hell lot many options which you just need to check or un-check based on your needs. Lemme show you the big settings page of the plugin.

cutomize facebook by fb purity

So by now you must be clear that you can actually control on Facebook what should appear in the news feeds, what will be the left menu, the background color of the page, the font size, font family, font color, and lots of many options. Let’s go through the two steps of Facebook customization:

  1. Installation of F.B. Purity plugin

    Installation procedure will remain same for each and every plugin. What you gotta do is get the link to the plugin page and install it. If you are still not understanding what I’m saying then you might want to check our guide for plugins/addons installation. You’ll find the links to the Mozilla plugin page in the useful link section

  2. Change settings according to you and hit “Save and Close” button

    1. To view the settings you’ve to click a small link like this one in your news feed head:
      F.B. Purity settings menu in Facebook page


Using F.B. Purity plugin

Open the settings page as mentioned above. It’s a very easy customizable plugin so I’ll not discuss much deeply about it.
Okay then, the left menu heading shows “Extra Stories List ?” : These are the most things which shows up in your news feed and are relevant to you. You wanna un-check most of them because you are on Facebook and if you don’t see them then why the hell Facebook account has been created?
The next (second) menu heading shows “More Options“: In which you might (you must) want to hide the application and sponsor’s links by checking the hide check box. Show/Hide your offline friends depends on you only.

Going down in the same column you’ll find another heading “Hide Links in Left Column” which decides what will be displayed in the left column of your page. So selecting it will hide those menus.

Again moving in the same column or just below the previous heading you’ll see most interesting heading “Font and Color Options” (don’t go with the spelling of the Color/Colour, it’s normal). Change the background color or the font color here. Set the font family by writing the name of it and selecting the check box next to it. The font which I personally like are : Century Gothic, Andalus, Georgia, Arial, or any ITC font like Eras Light ITC, Bradley Hand ITC, etc.

The third and last column is “Custom Text Filter” where you can enter the word or phrases which you don’t wanna see in news feed.

Useful Links

  1. Plugin page of F.B. Purity
  2. Guide which tell about installation of any add-on/plugin in Mozilla Firefox
  3. More cool and hot Facebook related plugins

Screen Clipping of F.B. Plugin

Screen Clipping for F.B. Purity plugin in Mozilla Firefox

If you want to read more about plugins related of Facebook, then you wanna check here.
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