What is WordPress?


WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS). Thanks to a WordPress a person who does not have special knowledge in web technologies can create his own website and regularly post various materials on its pages. The interface of this content management system is simple and intuitive, so any experienced PC user will be able to learn all its subtleties in a few hours.

Why choose WordPress?

More than half of all internet resources created in recent years work on WordPress. Not only beginners, who are making their first steps in site building choosing this engine – large, known all over the world companies use it too. Time Magazine, Google, Facebook, Sony, Disney, The New York Times, CNN, eBay and many other corporations sites work on WordPress.

Why is this CMS so popular? There are several serious reasons for this.

WordPress is open source software. What does it mean? That means that you can download WordPress and start working with it free.

This is a very big plus for those who are just starting to learn how to make sites, because they can try their hands at it free, and if they will work hard, the result can be impressive. There are many free templates for WordPress platform that can be downloaded and installed in two clicks.

In fact, it allows user to create his own cite without costs and even start making money with its help. However, it should be noted that for the development of more serious projects free templates from the network would not be enough. At least individual design must be ordered for the site.

WordPress is very easy to use. Even basic knowledge of HTML is not necessary to create a website because all the work are making in the browser. You don’t need an experienced programmer to add new materials and edit pages, you can do it yourself.

In WordPress it is easily to create new materials. CMS has an easy to use text editor, similar to Microsoft Word. This feature is useful for bloggers – they can create new posts quickly and without using any other text editors.

WordPress installs on the site itself, not on the computer, and no additional software is required. It means, that created site will be able to work without binding to administrator’s computer and its editing will be available from anywhere in the world under the sole condition of having access to the internet.

In addition, administrator can transfer his right of site content editing to any person, or even assign himself several assistants.

Additional features.

  • Many templates to choose, from free to premium versions. Thanks to them, it is easy to customize the appearance of the site, and if desired, give individuality to your resource. To do this you need to hire a designer, who will make exclusive theme for site. Professional designers or web-studios also make free templates, but with strong desire, almost everyone can figure out how to make themes by himself.
  • Receiving feedbacks from customers and readers. CMS resources allow creating forms for commentaries, so user or client always can give his opinion or ask a question that interests him. In addition, CMS WordPress provides the user with ability to subscribe to site’s news via RSS. Therefore, turning an interested reader into a subscriber is very easy.
  • WordPress is “sharpened” for SEO. It means that to optimize the site, that works on this engine you need only download and configure special plugins. Search engines trust to the sites on WordPress. You can update site that made on WordPress regularly, even several times a day. Search engines will appreciate this approach: they are especially supportive of constantly developing sites that regularly provide new content to their users.
  • Maximum security of published content. Special plugins have been developed to protect information from theft: no one can place similar articles on another internet recourse without the permission of the site administrator.
  • Consultations and technical help from the specialists. There is an official forums about WordPress on different languages, where you can ask your questions about system and get qualified answers to them. In addition, you can find a specialist at this forum who is ready to assume the responsibility of maintenance of the site for a fee.

WP is a chance to keep race with the times. System’s functional is constantly expanding: new plugins are being developed, more templates are appearing, new of versions of CMS itself are coming out.

What can you do with CMS?

What can you do with CMS?

WordPress is the best way to creating blogs. What is a blog? This is a personal or corporate diary on the pages of whist its owner regularly shares information with his readers. The blog allows commenting its posts, so the reader through a special form can enter into dialogue or even polemic with the blogger.

Remember, that online diary should be constantly updated, because only in this way the resource “lives” – it is read, discussed, subscribed to – which means that it brings fame, money and moral satisfaction to its owner.

On WP you can create ideal blog. There are a huge number of templates, for convenience they are divided into thematic groups. In addition, with the help of plugins you can implement a variety of technical “chips”, thanks to which the blog will gain convenient navigation, will acquire forms for comments and feedback. Remember that the attractiveness and convenience is one of the main components of the blog’s success.

But WordPress is not only a blog engine. There are also special models for internet shops. After installing special plugins in the administrator panel of the site you can add goods to the online store, their descriptions, and a shopping cart.

In addition, many templates have been developed for creating news sites and portals, portfolios of all creative specialists and popular in the recent years landing pages. In fact, you can develop any kind of site on WordPress platform.

What is WordPress.org?

WordPress.org is an official site of platform developer. The portal regularly publishes the company’s news, as well as free themes and plugins that can be downloaded easily.

In addition, through this internet resource you can contact the software developer and ask any questions of interest.

The capabilities on the content management system are almost unlimited. This CMS is useful both of successful business and for creativity. In addition with its help, it is easier to promote your brand, and therefore, become recognizable person not only in the network, but in real life too.

Through discovering of WordPress you achieve success.