World Clock, Alarm, Timer & Stopwatch – All in one plugin

clock plugin by google for google chrome

Now you can check the Hometown Clock, World Clock, calendar and enjoy features like Alarm, Timer & Stopwatch by a simple plugin provided by Google.
Yes its a Google Chrome Desktop plugin which works even after the browser is closed. It is a simple and easy to use plugin which has minimum number of settings to customize. I’ll explain all of the features and settings of the plugin. So let’s start about the tabs.

1. Date & Time

  1. Shows the present (local) time in AM/PM format both in digital form like 01:44am and also in cute little round clock having a red second hand
  2. Shows the present (local) date in “Day, Mon Date” format. For Example : “Fri, Jan 04
  3. Shows the calender of the present month. The calender can be scrollable by next/previous buttons which shows the next/previous month’s calender (obviously)


2. World Clock

  1. By defaolt show the Home City date and time with the same cute clock. The home time date & time cannot be deleted from this tab
  2. To add another location in the world clock section:
    1. Click on add button
    2. Then search the city for which you want to know the date & time
    3. After searching hit done
    4. You can add unlimited number of locations but then the time will be all messed up

world clock in clock plugin for chrome

3. Alarm

  1. By defaolt no alarm is added, so you’ll have to add a new alarm
  2. To add a new alarm:
    1. Fill the appropriate time either by using mouse (clicking up/down keys) or by using keyboard (using backspace then writing)
    2. If you want to repeat this alarm the click on Repeat radio button and select the day’s you want to repeat the alarm
    3. You can also change the Sound of the alarm by clicking on the sound button and then selecting sound from the list given (You cannot select sound of your choice other than the provided ones)
    4. Click done button
  3. To add another alarm click on the add button and follow the same steps
  4. To edit/delete any alarm:
    1. Click on the alarm
    2. If you want to edit then edit the settings and click done else you want to delete then click delete button

alarm section in clock plugin for chromealarm in clock plugin for chrome

4. Timer

  1. Set the timer to appropriate time you need and then click set
  2. After setting the time click start to start the timer. The timer will begin then
  3. To reset at any point of time hit reset button
  4. You can also choose the sound you want for the timer by clicking on the sound button

timer in clock plugin for chrome

5. Stopwatch

  1. To start the stopwatch:
    1. Hit the start and it will start running
    2. Click the mark button to mark the Lap(s)
    3. Click the stop button to stop the stopwatch
    4. Again clicking the start button will continue the stopwatch and clicking the reset button will reset erase the timings and reset the watch

stopwatch in clock plugin for chrome


To install the plugin you might want to check our guide for installing extension/apps in google chrome. You’ll find the link to the plugin in the “Usefol links” section.

Usefol Links:

  1. Clock extension by Google
  2. How To: Install extensions/apps in Google Chrome

If you want to suggest any similar plugin or want to say something. Our comments section is for you only.

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